Ingenuity for safe and efficient maintenance at TAKRAF Brazil

As part of our ongoing series of intelligent solutions for increased safety and efficiency in maintenance, we present below a previously highlighted example of ingenuity from our team at TAKRAF Brazil. Their out-of-the-box-thinking while replacing the tie rods on a Continuous Ship Unloader (CSU) illustrates how safety and efficiency can complement one another.

The TAKRAF Continuous Ship Unloader (CSU) commissioned in 2002 showing the tie rods that needed replacement.
The TAKRAF Continuous Ship Unloader (CSU) commissioned in 2002 showing the tie rods that needed replacement.

When an important client approached TAKRAF Brazil for technical support a few years back in order to replace the tie rods connecting the main boom to the counterweight boom of a Continuous Ship Unloader (CSU) commissioned in 2002, the team faced a monumental task. The task required a solution that was not only safe but also efficient as it had to adhere to a tight schedule and budget constraints. 

The conventional approach to tie rod replacement involves supporting the machine's counterweight and boom with scaffolding. However, this traditional method was not suitable for the demanding time and budget constraints of the project. 

In response to this challenge, TAKRAF Brazil’s engineering team embarked on an innovative and creative journey to find a more efficient and cost-effective method. Their ingenious solution involved eliminating the need for scaffolding by using a temporary tie rod to maintain stability during the replacement process. 

You can find the video animation of TAKRAF Brazil’s ingenious solution, which was completed in less than 15 days, undercutting the client’s tight schedule and budget constraints below this article.

The project was completed without any accidents or injuries on site, ensuring the safety of everyone involved. The time taken to complete the task was reduced by an impressive 60%, and this was achieved without disrupting other equipment on the pier, including the vital jetty conveyor passing beneath the CSU. In addition, the cost of the project was reduced by almost 50% compared to the traditional scaffold-based approach. 

Reflecting on the success of the project, Tiago Carvalho, Managing Director of TAKRAF Brazil, said, "This achievement is a testament to our team's dedication to thinking outside the box and finding the best solutions for our customers - always with a paramount focus on safety and efficiency." 

This example from TAKRAF Brazil illustrates how embracing an innovative maintenance philosophy can lead to notable improvements in both safety and efficiency, demonstrating that the two can complement each other. 

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See video animation of TAKRAF Brazil’s ingenious solution: