DELKOR clarifiers retrofitted at Argentinian commercial steel manufacturing facility

Customized DELKOR thickening technology for improved water treatment and water recovery.

DELKOR clarifier in Argentina
The newly installed 22 m DELKOR clarifier, which was recently commissioned, is shown on the right, with, left, the old technology due to be replaced by a new 25 m DELKOR clarifier.

Two DELKOR clarifiers supplied to a commercial steel manufacturing facility in Argentina will provide the client with increased equipment control and reliability for stable and continuous industrial operations. 

The two DELKOR clarifier mechanisms will be applied in the recovery of water from sludge from the Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) converter’s gas scrubber, which contains a very low concentration of dry solids. The resulting clarified water collected in the overflow will be circulated for reuse, while the underflow sludge, with a higher concentration of dry solids, will be directed to the filtration area. 

The scope of the contract covered design, manufacture and supply, as well as supervision of site assembly and commissioning.

Incorporating the latest technology, both clarifiers boast a DELKOR drive unit, with improved control over the equipment also provided by the torque measurement system, enabling the production team to increase the solids load when the torque is low, and vice versa. The drives incorporate load cells to measure the instantaneous torque for signaling to the operations control room. This means that a wealth of information is available for improved operational control, an important feature that was not available with the replaced equipment that had been supplied by another OEM.

Testimony to the flexibility of DELKOR’s technology to meet site specific requirements, the clarifiers were customized as per the client’s technical specifications. Also, all client and TAKRAF safety standards were strictly adhered to in the design of the equipment. 

The drive units were fabricated at our DELKOR Product Centre in India, which has proven expertise in the fabrication and assembly of drive units for projects throughout the world. All components were fully tested before shipping to Argentina. 

Tiago Carvalho, Managing Director, TAKRAF Brazil, had this to say from Argentina, “Thickening is in itself an environmentally friendly technology since it enables water recovery for industrial reuse. The team must be commended on this award from a first time client and on the delivery of a technical solution so well-aligned to our client’s requirements. DELKOR’s track record in liquid/solid separation stretches back several decades with thousands of successful global installations. Specialists from DELKOR offer an unmatched combination of experience and product based knowledge and it just goes to show that – It pays to talk to a specialist!”

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