Coronavirus (COVID-19) Management Plan

TAKRAF has developed a comprehensive plan to manage the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak around the world. The health and safety of our people, as well as the service offered to our clients, remain our top priorities.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Management Plan

“In this context, our responsibility is to apply all preventive measures and to protect our people’s health, in offices and plants. We must defend the long-term continuity and sustainability of our company and its value chain. We also have to do everything possible to sustain the communities in which we are settled and support the government’s actions of the countries in which we operate.”

Andrea Lovato, CEO

Our people’s safety

To guarantee our people’s safety, we have taken the following measures.

Teleworking: Teleworking has been implemented for employees that, due to their type of work, can do so, as long as operative continuity is not affected by this.

Traveling: All business travels have been suspended, except for critical cases to low-risk places. Personal travel to countries of risk is discouraged.

Social Distancing: Meetings have been postponed or are being held online. Wherever we are still operating in our premises, everyone shall respect a social distance of at least one meter from other people.

Behavioral communication: Best practices for personal hygiene and behaviors to avoid risk of contagion are communicated regularly to our teams and our communities.

Relationship with our clients

We are working closely with our clients, and cooperating with them to discuss measures that could be adopted to mitigate the adverse effects that this virus outbreak may have on the execution of the contracts.

Some of our facilities may be temporarily affected by governmental restrictions imposed to contain the spread of the virus. Shipments continue, but we may face delays due to logistical complications.

Given this uncertainty around the spread of COVID-19 and the imposition of protective measures, it is not possible to predict all the effects that the health crisis may have on our operations and supply chain. This is why we are constantly reviewing orders and remain in close contact with our customers, keeping them up to date about the situation.

Operations’ continuity

At all TAKRAF plants, we closely monitor the development of virus-related facts, implement and adjust action plans as needed.

We have established a full disinfection routine in our factories and facilities. This action includes, for example, regular cleaning of all critical control rooms and workstations.

We are maximizing our efforts to limit social contact to avoid contagion. We have established a maximum number of people to each workstation to comply with the recommended social distancing.

Canteens and break areas are arranged to guarantee adequate social distance.

We are distributing disposable facemasks, safety gloves and glasses to employees, subject to availability, following recommendations by local authorities and Medical Service.

Supporting our communities

We have launched supporting action plans in some of the countries where we have a presence to help communities where we operate. For example, we are engaged, together with our buyers around the world and the help of our partners, in finding and shipping facemasks and other medical devices (gowns, overalls, overshoes, gloves, glasses, safety screens, etc.) to be provided to hospitals in Lombardy, Italy.