Tenova TAKRAF Acquires Specialized US-based Company

Global mining and bulk material handling equipment supplier, TAKRAF, is pleased to announce that it has recently acquired the assets of FMC Technologies’ (NYSE: FTI) Material Handling Systems (FMC MHS) business unit based in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, USA (Philadelphia metro area).

For over 100 years, FMC MHS has been a global leader in providing material handling solutions to a variety of industries including mining, minerals, power and food. The business provides systems expertise by engineering, procuring, and construction assistance of complete material handling systems for its customers. It also provides a line of proprietary equipment for rotary drying and cooling of various material. From large power generating stations to above-ground mining and material processing plants, FMC MHS is widely known for its engineering solutions for efficient and dependable operations. FMC MHS markets on a global scale with installations worldwide including US, Canada, Chile, China, India and Australia.

“This acquisition brings with it a number of advantages that we seek to leverage. We identified a need to add to our equipment portfolio and this opportunity enables us to realize our strategic goals – to strengthen our position in the lighter material handling business and reinforce our growth strategy”, says Dr. Frank Hubrich, CEO of TAKRAF, “FMC MHS’s product portfolio is complementary to TAKRAF’s and now enables the company to provide a range of equipment catering also to smaller volumes and integrated in-plant conveyor solutions.”

FMC MHS also boast important references in non-traditional TAKRAF industries and are proud of their long-standing relationships with plant owners and major global EPC’s and EPCM’s.

The business unit is being integrated into TAKRAF’s USA business, located in Denver CO., and will retain its office presence in Lansdale.

Tenova TAKRAF is an integrated solutions provider to the global mining, bulk material handling, minerals processing and beneficiation industries, offering innovative technological solutions as well as process and commodity knowledge along the industry value chains. With the integration of the well-known DELKOR and, more recently, the Tenova Advanced Technologies (formerly Bateman Advanced Technologies) brand of products into TAKRAF, our portfolio for the mineral processing and beneficiation sectors has been considerably enhanced.

Tenova is a worldwide partner for innovative, reliable and sustainable solutions in metals and mining.

For any further information, please contact: Eric Jackson, Sales Director TAKRAF USA, on: +1 303 714 8077.