TAKRAF’s Philadelphia Office Tastes First Dryer Unit Success

TAKRAF USA’s Philadelphia office, part of the global mining, bulk material handling and minerals processing supplier, TAKRAF, a Tenova Group company, was, in 2017, awarded a contract for the design and supply of a Roto-Louvre® Dryer to process sodium metabisulfite material for an important client in Texas.

Roto louvre dryer

The award is noteworthy as this was the first dryer unit designed and supplied under the TAKRAF brand name following the acquisition of FMC Technologies’ Material Handling Systems division by TAKRAF at the end of 2016 - this brought with it over 75 years of experience in the field of rotary dryers and coolers.

The Roto-Louvre® is a specialized, compact and versatile vessel that facilitates the gentle and efficient processing of bulk material, as well as boasting low machine maintenance requirements. A Roto-Louvre Dryer® is the best option to pursue when uniform drying is an important requirement.

The new Roto-Louvre® Dryer, along with all ancillary equipment, was shipped in January 2018. During the month of February, the customer self-performed installation and commissioning of the unit with technical support from TAKRAF USA. The installation process went smoothly.

Currently, the dryer has been operational for nearly two months and the customer is extremely satisfied and personally thanked TAKRAF USA for the support provided throughout the project, especially during installation and start-up.