Successful Commissioning of Two DELKOR APIC Jigs

As of mid-September 2018, the two DELKOR APIC Jigs, supplied by DELKOR earlier in the year, were successfully commissioned at an iron ore beneficiation plant in Turkey.

Jigs during construction

The system comprises one 2 m wide DELKOR APIC Jig for coarse material (+10 - 30mm) and a 2.5 m wide DELKOR APIC Jig for the fines (+1 -10mm). Both jigs are functioning to the client’s satisfaction and achieving the required product grade and yield from the rated feed capacity.

In fact, the client, together with other operators in the area, are so impressed with the performance of our equipment that they have asked to visit other similar installations and our manufacturing facilities soon.

“The DELKOR APIC Jig effectively and efficiently deals with both fine and coarse material, handling an extended range of particle sizes, which offers low operating costs, as they do not require or consume heavy media,” says Rajiv Krishnamurthy, DELKOR Europe Sales Manager.  “The DELKOR APIC Jig comes with our proprietary Jig Scan process control, which allows particles of different densities in a homogeneous bed of solid material to be stratified by water, pulsed through the jig’s bed screen deck. Jig Scan ensures that optimal stratification, consistent product quality and highest possible yields are obtained by maintaining a steady water-pulse shape even when the feed or throughput of material changes,” he adds.

This project serves another important step towards firmly establishing DELKOR within the Turkish minerals processing industry and demonstrating that: It pays to talk to a specialist.