Further order for three barrel (drum) reclaimers from a major Indian steel producer

A new order for a further three machines confirms TAKRAF’s barrel reclaimer technology for reliable and trouble-free raw material reclaiming operations.

Barrel reclaimer at a steel producer´s plant
The first barrel reclaimer supplied by TAKRAF India, installed at one of the steel producer’s other plants.

Following the successful commissioning of a previous barrel reclaimer contract, TAKRAF India has received an order for similar machines from the same Indian steel producer – a leading global steel company. The new order comprises supply of three TAKRAF barrel reclaimers for installation at the producer’s new plant.

The previous barrel reclaimer contract was awarded in 2018. This machine was ordered as a reliable replacement to the existing barrel reclaimer (supplied by others) and thereby improve the availability and reliability of the overall raw material handling system. The barrel reclaimer facilitates homogenizing and blending of raw material during reclaiming from two 15 m high, 38 m wide and 300 m (maximum) long parallel stockpiles. The machine is transferred from one pile to the other through a transfer car arrangement.

The machine was designed to the following specifications:

  • Material handled: Base mix of iron ore fines
  • Capacity:              2,500 t/h rated / 2,750 t/h design

TAKRAF India consulted extensively with the client during design to ensure that the new machine overcame the drawbacks of the existing installation. As a result, besides other improvements, the new machine achieves its rated capacity even when the stockpile is built with a 60% pile cross-section at worst material properties and when the material is sticky due to high moisture content. Other concerns that were addressed included accommodating the variation in material characteristics during rainy seasons. 

Barrel reclaimers are ideal for achieving optimum blending of raw materials (iron ore, coal limestone, etc.) for use in processing plants. They continuously recover material from the full cross-section of the stockpile and consequently achieve the maximum possible homogeneity of material properties and particle size distribution in the resultant blend. These robust and dependable machines offer a number of advantages, including a minimum of working parts and therefore low maintenance requirements. 

For the new order of three identical machines, boasting a higher capacity than the previous reclaimer, TAKRAF is responsible for engineering, manufacturing, supply to site and supervision of erection and commissioning. 

K. Ramasamy, Project Director, TAKRAF India, had this to say upon confirmation of the latest order: “We are especially pleased to support our client in overcoming challenges with its reclaiming operations through our high performing, durable and reliable technology. Well done to all colleagues involved for the successful design and delivery of this important first barrel reclaimer reference, the success of which has played a crucial part in the award of the second order from a satisfied client. Innovation out of tradition – It pays to talk to a specialist!”

Further information regarding our stockyard and disposal facilities can be viewed here, alternatively please send an e-mail to: info@takraf.com