Bucket-Chain Excavators

Bucket-Chain Excavators (BCEs) are continuous mining machines with the ability to excavate or remove overburden, coal, ash or chalk significantly below the bench or travel level.

Applications and capacities

BCEs are particularly well-suited to applications where there is significant ground instability or high ground water levels. In fact, even submerged bucket-chain operation is also possible.

Our machines are all specifically designed to our client's requirements and incorporate various solutions according to their specific application. We are able to supply a wide-range of machines with capacities up to 14,500 m³/h, which are able to work in high and deep cut operations and with varying depths and heights.

Main components and mode of operation of a Bucket Chain Excavator

The principal components of a BCE include the bucket-ladder with a bucket-chain, the bucket-chute, the fixed or slewable superstructure with counterweight boom and the substructure with rail or crawler-mounted undercarriage. Excavated material is transferred to a bench conveyor via a discharge boom, mobile conveyor bridge or directly to the conveyor. Our excavator design always aims to meet the specific demands and requirements of the project in terms of optimization, standardization and maintenance.

BCEs can work either in bench or block operations. In bench operations, the BCE travels on rail or crawlers rectangular to the direction of pit advance along the slope face. In block operations, a crawler-mounted machine with a slewable superstructure works in high or deep cut mode and feeds the bench conveyor via a slewable discharge boom.

Long tradition and extraordinary sizes

TAKRAF has a long tradition in delivering BCEs across a wide range of  material types  and is the only supplier of large BCEs for global mining applications. The largest bucket-chain excavator ever built is a TAKRAF Es 3750 with a maximum capacity of 14,500 m³/h, a cutting depth of 31 m and height of 34 m.


  • Customer
    Project Name
    Bucket chain excavator ERs 500
    NEK, Bulgaria
    Thermal power plant Maritza-East

    Excavator at the thermal power plant Maritza-East

    The bucket chain excavator ERs 500 is a crawler-mounted machine with low ground pressure for operation in an ash deposit of a thermal power plant. Further features are:

    • Ash excavating in block operation and deep cut mode
    • Dedusting system

    Project figures

    1,300 lm³/h
    1,650 lm³/h
    500 l
  • Customer
    Project Name
    Bucket chain excavator ERs (K) 800
    SUEK, Russia
    Open-cast mine Nazarovo

    Excavator in open-cast mine Nazarovo

    The machine is equipped with 6 crawlers for operation in a Siberian coal mine. Further features of this special design include:

    • Working in block mode with 3-part bucket ladder for deep and high cut operation
    • High specific digging force for excavating hard coal in winter conditions
    • Special design for mechanical and electrical parts for operation in a region with temperatures down to minus 40° C

    Project figures

    1,400 lm3/h
    2,250 lm3/h
    hard coal
    800 l
  • Efficiency

    • Wide-range of machine capacities from 500 m3/h to 14,500 m3/h
    • Machines are able to remove material significantly below the bench (travel) level – this is a preferred solution in the event of ground instabilities or high ground water levels
  • Reference

    • We have been producing excavators since 1926 with an extensive reference list spanning all continents and many commodities


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