TAKRAF continues to set new benchmarks in belt pulley fabrication

With headquarters in Leipzig (Germany), TAKRAF is a leading global solutions provider in the mining, bulk material handling and minerals processing industries. The company is also an important manufacturer of high-end components such as belt pulleys and boasts a strong reputation in this area.

Belt pulley fabrication

A contract covering the supply of an approximately 13 km long belt conveyor system was recently awarded by a globally renowned Chilean mining company to TAKRAF. This belt conveyor system will be installed in a copper mine in northern Chile. The scope of work includes, among others, the design, fabrication and supply of 39 belt pulleys specifically developed for this project. All pulleys are being fabricated at the TAKRAF workshop in Lauchhammer (Germany).

TAKRAF’s position as a leading global supplier in the engineering and fabrication of belt pulleys enabled it to meet the stringent requirements of supplying highly-stressed drive and return belt pulleys with a maximum diameter of 2.8 m and single weights of up to 60 t. Many of these pulleys will drive and handle the strongest steel-cord belt ever employed globally. The various challenges associated with such a project have been overcome by a dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced engineers and workers.

26 of the 39 pulleys have already left the Lauchhammer works, by means of heavy load road transportation with associated special permits; while the final belt pulleys will commence their journey to Chile at the end of August.

This extraordinary belt conveyor system, proudly supplied by TAKRAF with belt pulleys designed and made in Germany, will represent a major pillar of Chilean copper production for many years to come.